Local Auckland Mover Helps Family

Today’s day recap is at Hobonsville Auckland and we are helping one of our clients move out from their home. Their initial furniture mover decided not to show and so they desperately needed a Auckland mover to come help. They were ready to move out and after two hours, the booked moving service never showed. With all the house already packed and ready for the move, our client was stuck and desperately needed to move that day!

Upon hearing this, we called Jaime from Pro Moving Services to see if he could help move this family across Auckland to Ponsonby. Within ten minutes Jaime organised his moving team and a furniture moving truck to help move the family.

Jaime from Pro Moving Services said this; “It was not particularly simple trying to slip this new project into our work schedule but every day life is jam packed with such little circumstances. We all got families and fundamental humans needs so it’s not hard to connect with the situation going on and pulling in all the stops to support someone out. Additionally those unreliable movers that wasted the families time mired the good reputation of furniture movers all around New Zealand, therefore it wasn’t simply a personal mission, it was a mission to restore our shared reputation.

With that all sorted, we were free to carry out our trustworthy Auckland mover service. First thing the following hour actually, small wonder really – much to the homeowners delight. From time to time it is the small things which makes being a furniture mover well worth it. Seeing the smiles on their faces made dropping some work and pulling favours easier to swallow.

Like all great furniture movers do, we had a good long yarn before getting to work to suss out properly what would have to be done first. It’s all good going in gung-ho and attacking the issue straight away but that is how you end up screwing something up hugely and that stuff leads to costly mistakes. I didn’t want this furntiure moving job in Hobsonville to go badly just as any other job that Pro Moving Services does, I take pride in the business and our service history. So yes, we had a good long chat and identified a plan of attack. Most of the upstairs furniture could go down the stairs no problem so we didnt need to setup our outdoor crane. With our plan sorted, we attacked the furniture moving.

Skip ahead a couple of hours and we got nearly all of the boxes taken care of and basically ready for the real work to begin. Time really does fly when you’re making an effort and focusing on the work at hand. It stops your thoughts from wandering and thinking about unneccassary things such as the furntiure moving truck needing a new diesel filter or pondering life’s great mysteries like what should I get for lunch? Getting stuck in is a good thing from time to time.

Moving the grand piano from the top floor was quite a mission, especially because the stairs were so narrow. Props to whoever got it up there in the first place! We eventually managed to wrap it fully in moving blankets and shifted it down the stairs inch of agonizing inch. No damage done to the property or the furniture! That’s why clients love us.

At around 2pm we had it nearly done and moved the furniture into the new house. This home in Ponsonby had much easier access with only a single floor so it wasn’t much of an issue moving the furniture and grand piano back in.””

So that was our story with the Richards family from Hobsonville. We are so pleased that Pro Moving Services was able to save the day and get them moved in as planned.